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position as of 8:00 a.m. it looks like it's out to sea. this is good news for us. here is washington. it could track anywhere within this zone of possible. you can take this western track. of course, we'll be worse off here. there's indication it is trying to switch farther and farther to the west. stay tuned. things could go downhill for us. the latest track is going to the north. i'll have the sandy impact that it might produce for us if it takes the western track for us in a couple minutes along with the seven day outlook. keith? >> see you in a few. with the possibility that sandy will have an impact this way, local power companies are beginning their preparations to keep the power on. tony tull is live in maryland with more on what the companies are doing to get ready. hey, tony. >> reporter: it's about the preparation. pepco telling us they put out a request for mutual aid asking power companies to the south and west of us, if sandy should make land fall, they will send extra crews to the area to help with repairs. itis not just the power companies that are preparing, it's many
saying there's still work to be done. the u.s. economy is continuing to heal from the wounds of the recession. d to resident is expecte start speaking at any minute. >>> the president's visit at george mason gives him the opportunity to court young voters. here is more of the reaction he's getting on campus. >> reporter: the president started relatively close to home at this event at george mason university. people camped out since yesterday for tickets. it's a busy day for the president with events in virginia and ohio. they are called grass roots events. h is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, where enthusiasm is high. >> move it forward. >> reporter: it seems there was plenty of it here at this event. would it rival the levels of 2008 against the backdrop of the reality of the past four years. >> over the past four years, you know, we have seen obama do some of the things he's promised. not all of them. i would have expected more o environmental issues, labor issues, a variety of issues. looking at romney, there's a lot of excitement about obama getting reelected
going forward. the president criticized romney's views calling them outdated. he used his stance on russia as an example. >> a few months ago you were asked what is the biggest threat facing america. you said russia, not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s or now, asking for their foreign policy. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> the president began an apology tour. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. holding signs saying is america with us, the president was silent. they noticed that as well. >> iran is four years closer to having a nuclear weapon because the obama administration hasn't been aggressive enough handling the crisis. >> this morning on the "today" show, paul ryan said romney showed the temperment and demeanor to be a great president. he defended romney that he doesn't have the foreign policy experience to be commander and chief. >> we have had fantastic governors that made great foreign policy presidents. mitt romney did a fantastic job of spelling out his foreign policy doctrine. peace through the strength is a doctrine. >> republicans say t
't offer how the next four years would be different from the last four years. >> the recent attack to the u.s. consulate in libya. >> it was a terrorist attack. it took a long time for that to be told to the american people. whether there was some misleading or instead we didn't know it happened, you have to ask yourself why didn't we know? >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world that we are going to find out what happened. that this was an act of terror. i also said that we are going to hunt down those who committed this crime. >> reporter: nbc news looked at the tran skipts. the president said no acts of terror will shake this great nation. romney's aid said they spent days misleading the public. now the two will meet up next monday in boca raton, florida. it will be on foreign policy. barbara? >> thank you. >>> researchers and election technology are telling maryland to check the accuracy of data base. according to "the washington post," researchers warned the system could be hacked. if someone had a voter's birth date
, they are energizing, invigorating. playing hard, making us proud. >> it's been amazing. the energy here in d.c. is electric. people with nats hats on everywhere. it's great to be part of something as exciting as this. >>reporter: these die hards spent the night camped out in chairs staying warm in their cars or bundled up in fear of losing their sacred spot in line. >> you get the fleece and tie the ends. it keeps me warm when i'm waiting. >> reporter: they are counting down the minutes waiting for the box office to open for a shot at any available seat. todd andersson isn't decked out in nats gear. he's on his way to work. >> i'm looking forward to another great night. >> reporter: a great night like last night. we held our braet waiting, hoping, hoping, hoping it ended up being the swing that saved the nationals season. >> the stars aligned for us. everything came in order. it was the ninth inning. the tenth month, the 11thday. year 12 and the 13th pitch. something had to happen. >> reporter: now that they have their tickets in hand, hopefully these fans are feeling well enough to sit or s
johnson in for tom kierein. make us feel a little bit better than you did yesterday, please. >> okay. the wet weather, the showers are moving out. we are going to be a little bit warmer today. how about that, keith? >> i'll take it. >> he'll take it. good. and maybe you will, too. look at this satellite radar. i wanted to take you back to 5:00 this morning. a lot of folks traveling early had the wet weather. by the time we got to 7:00, 8:00, it moved out. if you look really hard, down around stafford, spots vain ya county, at times you will see a bit of a blue sky breaking through the cloud cover. the clouds will be winning out for the most part. know there will be time periods when the sky could move to the mostly cloudy to partly cloudy in certain areas. 56 degrees right now. not bad. the high yesterday was 55. already we are seeing higher temperatures across the area. it is chilly out there. 52 degrees leesburg, manassas, 52 right up to montgomery county. for the afternoon, we are going to get close to 60 degrees in a lot of neighborhoods. we have big changes coming. i'll show you
hours, so hold on, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> veronica johnson joins us now. what are we going to see? >> yeah, meteorologist tom kieran has just handed it over to me. he's been watch the storm throughout the morn. you can see the heavy band making its way from areas of eastern shore inland. what we seen out there in areas east, over 5 inches of rain. areas around ocean city. over four inches of rain. getting into areas of delaware, over 3 inches of rain. those are the kind of rainfall amounts we're going to see before long. as, again, the center of hurricane sandy gets closer and closer to us. it's already made that turn not just to the north but towards the north and west. getting closer to the coast. you can see it there. landfall expected somewhere between delaware and the southern new jersey coast around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. here's the latest track coming out. this should be the 11:00 p.m. track for you. to the north and west. coming ashore around areas of southern new jersey, northern delaware. then again, the storm system, we're really going to see it spread out even more. talking
must follow the rules to stay out of prison. eight minutes after 11:00. u.s. troops on the move. what u.s. lawmakers want to know about security in libya a month after the attacks. >>> safety concerns. will your air bag work in case of emergency? why transportation officials so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. >>> a congressional committee will hold a meeting in less than an hour to discuss the deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. security missteps by the u.s. state department. ambassador chris stephens and three others were killed in that attack. witnesses will testify before the house oversight committee. he's expected to deny reports they requested additional security in the weeks before the attacks. >>> the man bel
presidential debate. melissa mollet joins us with some of the highlights. >> reporter: good morning. in an hour, president obama will speak at a park in denver, then fly fo wisconsin this afternoon. meantime, romney is headed to virginia for a ral lee tonight. they might be moving on, but many are rehashing last night's debate. the debate was make or break for mitt romney who appeared confident, commanding and in control. at times, it seemed a subdued president obama was less prepared allowing romney to steer the direction of the debate. many, including "meet the press" host, david gregory calling romney the clear winner. >> his proposal calls for a tax cut on top of $2 trillion of spending. >> everything he said about my tax plan is inaccurate. if the tax plan he described were a tax plan i was asked to support, i would say absolutely not. >> reporter: there's no time for rest. the senior advisers on the "today" show, early this morning. >> governor romney put more preparation into it than they did into the invasion of normandy. i expected a strong performance and got it. >> many were watching
holds a forecast annoyancement for who they predict will win the 2012 presidential election. they used data from public opinion polls, leading economic indicators and the impact from the war. with that, out of the 13 forecasted models, eight models show president obama with a 53.8% popular vote over republican presidential candidate, mitt romney. the experts say the forecast shows romney with a 53.1% popular vote. interestingly enough, barbara and keith, one model was called the redskins model. >> a special interest to a d.c. audience may be the washington redskins model that you have come to know about. if the washington redskins win their game before election day, the incumbent election party wins for four more years. if the redskins lose, the challenging party wins. >> reliability and the method of how they obtain their data and put it together. >> the best models that are most accurate are based on theory, theories drawn from political science work. what we see today as a move away from that, in many sectors away from theory. >> the earliest model was formlated ten months ago while
down from 8.5 million. sandy is shaping up to be one of the costliest disasters in the u.s. it's estimated to cost between $20 billion and $50 billion in damage. >>> the worst may not be over for some flood prone neighborhoods in the area. the river has gone down somewhat. news 4s melissa mollet is live. what is it looking like out there now? >> reporter: good morning, barbara. high tide came and went at 10:06. take a look at this, completely dry here. we have a couple patches of water. nothing like what we were dealing with yesterday. let's take a look at that. 24 hours ago, you can see what a big difference it is. yesterday, i was standing in six or seven inches of water. today, standing on the ground, this road technically opened, but not much traffic. still, restaurants, bunesses, homeowners in the area bracing for potential problems tomorrow. predictions are the flooding here in old town alexandria will get worse before better peaking on thursday. this store, at the corner of union and king was a message for sandy as everyone here watches and waits for the rising water. >>
for right now as this storm moves off and up into the susquehanna, the flooding issues will be with us for quite a few days. we are monitoring the flow. as you know, from these events, that will be a concern of ours for several days. there is some flooding of rivers we are anticipating. we have been on the phone with the elected officials of frederick. there's been evacuations door-to-door. the water came up high there. it's going to stay high there and be another high tide later on tonight at 11:00 p.m. many of you recall the event we have been working. we just got off the phone with officials. they are going door-to-door in the summer's cove area checking on people that had shelter in place overnight oftentimes on the second floor while four feet of water was on the first floor. it's going to be a long haul operation. many people will not be able to return to their homes. we are going to be down there working with neighbors there helping with relocation and helping people get back on their foot for awhile to come. in howard county, we are informed they have identified the source of t
that are currently in theetro borderline hate speech. it was a controversial decision made by u.s. district court judge, a freechl speech issue that meant many in the district's religious community searching for a way to respond to anti-jihad posters up at the metro stations. >> everything that is protected is not productive. and i don't find these ads on to be productive, i find them to be insulting. >> reporter: the poster created by the executive director of the american freedom defense initiative reads in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support civilized man. defeat jihad. >> i'm not for saying that they can't voice their opinions, but they need to be respectful of the other side, as well 37. >> reporter: and now an allied group of prominent faith leaders from local christian, jewish and muslim communities are publicly asking the metro to donate all of the proceeds made from the anti-jihad campaign to chair if i. >> we have to demand something of the metro that is in the profit making mode. and our role is to prove size, not profiterr. >> reporter: the response ads are sched
need to keep tabs on? my wife used to work in emergency readiness. >> reporter: some folks are waiting to see what happens. >> it's a big shift in the weather so it's concerning to have such extremes, but, i think we will be okay. >> reporter: it's been a busy week for pepco especially the last 24 hours. the power company secured over 400 contractors, put out a request for mutual assistance. >> when there's a storm in texas, pepco reaches out. when there's a storm here, texas, north carolina, wherever, they reach out to us. >> reporter: they are out trimming trees, inspecting transformers and replacing power lines. service repairs should sandy make land fall and cause massive power outages. be prepared for the worst case scenario. >> we ar going to reemphasize this could be a long duration event as far as winds and rain. after that, it could be a multiday event. >> reporter: barbara, pepco was scheduled to have a news conference at 1:00 p.m. to let us know the updates they have as far as the preparations and what to do if sandy should make land fall. we'll continue to follow that at 4:
and joins us. >> still a little chilly. well, it's going to stay chilly today, guys. i'm sure you've noticed all the clouds we've got across the area. a few sprirnkles and light showers. it's going to be chilly. on top of that, it's going to be wet later today. we started out this morning in the 30s and 40s. it was our coldest start in more than five months. a look at the readings now. at 50 degrees. we're at 46. that was one of the spots that started out in the 30s. rockville and bethesda now at 46. it's 46 also around manassas. right now, we've got clouds across the area. that's some of the rain that's trying to fall. it's going to take a little while to saturate the air and get rid of all the dry conditions and see some of the moisture start to fall around here. i don't think we're going to have any heavy rain today. it will be on tap for not just the afternoon but right through the evening. this afternoon, 50 to of degrees. you'll need a jacket and umbrella. we'll have conditions coming up for tomorrow morning. cold start today so how low will it be tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. let's see i
's funny to think of them getting up and going at each other. hey, you have something great to tell us about. >> we are into october. this is the time to go on hayrides. time for the annual ladies board rummage sale. this is the 74th annual ladies board rummage sale. it's been going on 74 years. it benefits the hospital. they raise money for nursing scholarships and patient services and 40,000 square feet of bargain shopping extravaganzas are going to be there today until 3:00 tomorrow going on until 9:00 to 3:00. come on by. it's at the equestrian center there. getting brightening spots in the y. there's a live view. 66 now at reagan national. the wind out of the south at 7 miles an hour. we have a few breaks in the clouds. a little sun coming down to look at the beautiful scene at the black hills regional park in montgomery county. this was taken yesterday afternoon. big sweeping cirrus cloud. look at the gorgeous color along the perimeter of the lake. there's beautiful color in virginia, too. this was sent to by matt in manassas, virginia. here is another photo
joins us live this morning with the very latest. >> reporter: here's the flyer that prince georges county police were handing out. it has the picture of markel and also the nfc for the reward in this case. it was across the street where just over a month ago marquell was gunned down. you can see the teddy bear hanging from the telephone pole as a reminder of what happened. his mother was pleading with anybody in the community with information to please come forward. >> words cannot describe how i feel. a piece of me has been taken away. and i just find it very hard to deal with it. >> it was just over a month ago central high school student markle ross was on his way to class. he was gunned down. murdered on the very sidewalk he took to school every morning. >> it's not all about my child. it's anyone's child in the community. i'm here today about. because like i said we let the murder go, someone else will be killed and it will be another mother standing here grievingward agrieve ining. >> reporter: with no leads, they took to the streets this morning, passing out this picture, ad
's no longer using the nest she built. the last of the nest was moved yesterday. she's down in weight and not regained her appetite. she's eating 80% to 85% of what she would normally eat. >> we want to see her get to 100% consumption of bamboo, fruits and vegetables and biscuits as she normally would at this time of year. remember, she wasn't eating when she was in the den. she's down in weight about 20 pounds from her normal 240. she's about 220 this week. so, that's a little bit off. it's not a lot off. >> reporter: as for the future of whether they will be swapped out with other pandas with better breeding prospects, none of those decisions have been made. they may know something more on whether they will stay here or be swapped out again with other pandas later this fall. reporting l ining live, megan m. >> if she does stay soon, do they say how soon before she can be mated again? >> reporter: they have a window of once a year. it would be some time. they are not sure what they will do. before she got pregnant this time around, there was talk of one of both of them being swapped
on the midday traffic now. >> let's soo what danella sealock has to show us. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you both. let's head to the roadways. 66 westbound, washington boulevard, a multivehicle crash. it was in the left lane, now the shoulder lane. police are on the scene. let's head to the american legion bridge. usual road work is taking place. if you are on the outer loop, two left lanes are blocked. the cones are up. you are slow over the american legion bridge because of the road work in this area. back to you both. >> thank you. >>> arlington rush hour includes major congestion. this morning, police launched a campaign to end the battle that develops between drivers and pedestrians. they are trying to get cars to stop blocking the box. >> reporter: lynne street around 8:30 in the morning, the traffic can stack up. making it worse, when drivers try to squeak through the intersection and the light changes and they get caught in the middle. arlington county police are trying to stop that. they are manning intersections, educating drivers. they call it blocking the box. someone
us. stay tuned to nbc 4. we will keep you fully informed as the storm approaches our region. right now, around the region now, it's beautiful. there's sunshine breaking out. the washington monument, the jefferson memorial and color showing up around the potomac. 64 at reagan national. it's going to jump quickly. a 15-degree jump between now and the next three or four hours. as we look at the gorgeous color continuing to stream in from viewers. look at this glowing maple tree next to that house. another gorgeous picture. this is in falls church, bill mcnight posted this to like this in germantown. it's a flaming red maple tree. the fall color is continuing to build and we have peak color now. just west and into the mountain region. some of the high elevations. right near washington, the yellow zone is near peak color here near the metro area and northern virginia, maryland and southern maryland. color showing up farther south along the lower eastern shore. peak color here this weekend before we get wind on sunday and monday, tuesday that may knock down a l
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20